QualAuntie Time With Sesame Workshop

Dear Readers,

In the fall of 2009, I was invited to Sesame Street. Yes, I actually am one of the few people who have seen the Sesame Street set. It was a true honor and an extraordinary day.

The team at Sesame Workshop truly supports Savvy Auntie and the positive influence aunts can have over their nieces and nephews, especially as they develop as little ones. So naturally when I began to write my book, I asked if I could interview Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, the Vice President of Education and Research at Sesame Workshop, to learn best how Savvy Aunties can be teachers for their nieces and nephews.

From the moment I walked into Rosemarie's office there was a sense of elation because I knew Rosemarie would unlock the secrets of how to help develop the minds of our tender-aged niece and nephews. I thought I'd hear teaching tips or theories on child education. Instead, I got the most beautiful and inspiring answer I could have dreamed of. Rosemarie said simply, "You're already doing it."

Rosemarie was a PANK (Professional Aunt No Kids) until her early forties when she had a child.  Being an aunt was (and still is) central to her life and she understood early on that just about every moment an aunt spends with a child-not-her-own *is* quality time because we're not focused on chores, behavior, homework or other quotidian things that parents are obliged to enforce. Time spent with Auntie is most often focused simply on the child, and usually about play. I've dubbed this time "QualAuntie" time and it's this time, Rosemarie says, when aunts can focus on development. Those railroad tracks you and your nephew are working on? Spatial relations! That bath you're giving your little niece as she fills cups with water watching them sink? Science! Those books you are reading to your nieces and nephews? Language development!

Rosemarie gave us the greatest gift - the gift to know just how important our time with our nieces and nephews is.

I asked Rosemarie if she'd consider reviewing an early copy of my book. She was elated to and her personal note to me included many joyful exclamation points!! Here's what she wrote for those considering my book:

“I highly recommend this book for all Aunties. It provides sage advice and guidance, from preparing for the arrival of the baby and safety tips to building nurturing relationships with nieces and nephews throughout their young lives!”

What an honor it is to know Dr. Truglio and for her to have shared her wisdom with me and with all Savvy Aunties through my book.  Truly a gift.


Auntie Melanie


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