• October 24, 2010
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Savvy Auntie the Book is Available for Pre-Order

Dear Readers,

As an auntrepreneur, there are a number of challenges one  faces every day. As someone trying to build a little empire in the Empire State, those challenges are pushed to the extreme. A close friend recently called me a 'machine' because I just don't stop moving forward.

The honest truth is, I'm afraid to stop.

When asked my 'secret' for building my business so quickly, I admit that I believed that once I started this journey, if I looked back, my idea would turn into a statue of salt and I'd be frozen, not able to move forward. As an auntrepreneur, looking back can be just as ineffective as standing still. I'm hard on myself. If I don't accomplish something bigger every day, I feel like I've stood still.

But once in a while, I do give myself a moment to smell the roses. I do believe it's important to celebrate my accomplishments - if anything so I can measure up to my next challenge. But I also know that it's important to celebrate my accomplishments because I've been sharing this journey with you - moreso you've been here to share this journey with me and I owe it to you to stop and acknowledge what we've done together.

I apologize that is has taken me a couple of weeks to share the incredible news that "Savvy Auntie" the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon, BN.com, Borders.com and a slew of online retailers list here: http://bit.ly/cXxgp4

Thankfully, so many of you spotted the pre-order page before I did - and Facebook shared it, Tweeted it, blogged about and incredibly, bought it!

You've been purchasing the book!

My goal is to sell 5,000 books before the March 22nd publish date. My goal is that Savvy Auntie: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers and All Women Who Loves Kids becomes a New York Times Best Seller (Miscellaneous, Advice and How To). My goal is that this book is purchased by every aunt and godmother for herself and by every parent and parent-to-be for their sister or close friend. My goal is that this book does for women who don't have kids what Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl did for women who didn't have husbands 50 years ago - almost to the day.

I need to learn to take time to celebrate the accomplishments because they are not my own. They are all of ours. So I thank you for your tremendous support. Please continue to show your pride-  as I am learning to do - by sharing this book. It honestly means the world to me.

Thank you.

Auntie Melanie

PS - The Savvy Auntie Facebook Fan Page has swelled to over 15, 000 Fans. Please join me there too.


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