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This is #HowWeFamily

TYLENOL has invited me, and SAVVY AUNTIE, to participate in its new campaign, entitled: #HowWeFamily. TYLENOL approached me for this sponsored campaign because they understand that aunts play a valuable role in the family village. We may not be our nieces' and nephews' primary caregivers (although, sometimes we are), our nieces and nephews, whether by relation or by choice, mean the world to us. From the start, my mission for the SAVVY AUNTIE brand was to give aunts the resources and community they need to become savvier aunts, as well as to put a spotlight on the generosity of aunthood. Every little hand we hold, every hug we give, every boo boo we kiss, every good memory we help create, is a gift.  And as the kids grow up, we are there for their milestones, whether by far or near by. And to the parents, we offer love and support, and sometimes, time to rest as we take care of the children.

There is no legal obligation to "aunt" of course. We do it out of love. We do it because we're family. This is #HowWeFamily.

From the brand:

TYLENOL, a brand with a rich heritage in serving families, is celebrating all the ways that people family today through the #HowWeFamily campaign.  #HowWeFamily is a platform to empower all families – regardless of shape, size or makeup - to proclaim what makes their family unique, and in turn, proud.  Through #HowWeFamily, TYLENOL hopes to show that despite our differences, families today share the same fundamental values.

I am proud to be part of TYLENOL's #FamSquad. Aunthood. It's #HowWeFamily. Please see more on TYLENOL and How We Family at HowWeFamily.com


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