Tori Spelling Loves Savvy Auntie!

Dear Readers,

In April, I had the pleasure of meeting Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott at a small press conference at the Oxygen network.  Jennifer Kavanaugh, the VP of Digital for the network (and a woman to watch - BRILLIANT!) had invited me to host an episode Tori and Dean's Home Sweet Hollywood live on Live.Oxygen.com last spring and I was delighted on so many levels. First, I think Tori is amazing. She's a great mom, wife and an incredible businesswoman. She's also extraordinarily appreciative of the people in her life, including her kids' aunts and uncles.

At the press conference, I asked Tori about "The Guncles," aka Scout Masterson and Bill Horn, the committed couple who were then still waiting the arrival of their beautiful daughter, Simone.  Well, Tori is so appreciative of the love those guncles give her kids that just the mention of them brought Tori to tears.  I understand why. Scout and Bill are incredibly loving guys who would do anything for Liam and Stella, Tori's kids. I interviewed The Guncles for SavvyAuntie soon after speaking with Tori. They are truly wonderful uncles and now finally, dads.

Through Twitter, the Guncles and Tori and I stay in touch. I asked Tori if she'd consider a blurb for my book because she is the poster-mom for moms who value the aunts and uncles and anyone who loves a child-not-their-own. Tori was too happy to say yes. She's so sweet and generous and I am so proud.

Today I received Tori's blurb. And now it's my turn to get teary:

I honestly don't know what I would do without the aunties, uncles and of course The Guncles in my kids' lives. Melanie's book is invaluable to me as a mom - and as a Savvy Auntie and godmommy myself - because I understand what a gift it is for a child to be loved by so many adoring grownups. On behalf of the kids and moms, thank you, Savvy Auntie!  We love you!

Thank you, Tori. I love you too!

Auntie Melanie


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