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When You're Not a Mother on Mother's Day

When You're Not a Mother on Mother's Day

If you’re like me, and always aspired and expected to be a mother, Mother’s Day, and the days that precede it, can be a heavy time. With continuous Mother’s Day promotions and news stories featuring moms of all ages, shapes and sizes (“It’s the hardest job in the world!”), the day can make us feel left out and less-than. For some, Mother’s Day is a harsh reminder that the dream of motherhood has not (yet) come true.

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I’m thinking about different Auntie-Types. From Aunties by Relation (ABR) to Aunties by Choice (ABC) to Mommy Aunties (aunts who are also moms) to Aunties-In-Law (AILs are married to the child’s uncle), Gay Aunties (lesbian aunties and gay uncles), and so on. It begs the question: WHAT TYPE OF AUNTIE ARE YOU?

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