SAVVY AUNTIE the Book: April 26!

UPDATE: (01.07.11) The interior design is STUNNING! I am so very proud of this book and can't wait until you have your copy!

After careful consideration, the amazingly talented team at William Morrow (the imprint at HarperCollins publishing my book) and I have decided to move the release date of SAVVY AUNTIE: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers and All Women Who Love Kids to April 26, 2011 from March 22nd.)

This difficult decision enables us to do a number of critical things in preparation of the books launch we would not be able to do to otherwise.

It was just a year ago this month that I signed the deal with HarperCollins to write this book.  While authoring the book was a six-month endeavor, I loved it! I have never worked harder or overcome more challenges than writing my first book, and that includes developing SavvyAuntie.com! I poured months of research, reading and interviews into this book to give aunts the Savvy Auntie guide they deserve. I'm so incredibly proud of the book and while it pains me to have to wait another few weeks to share it with you this spring, it will be worth the wait.

I've always been honest with you so here's the honest truth for the delay. I was not satisfied with the design of the interior of the book so we are completely redesigning and retooling it. Kudos to William Morrow for their support of this book and the Savvy Auntie brand and for agreeing to publish the very best version of the book we can. As partners, our dedication to excellence is what will fuel this book's success. So thank you to William Morrow for that.

I'm overwhelmed by the response for the book already. Many fans of the brand have pre-ordered the book (thank you!).  There's lots more to come as I continue the journey to April 26th.  (I've also learned that writing the book is only 40% of the job!). I'm so glad you are with me. Stayed tuned!


Auntie Melanie


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