PANK Pride: The 5 Best Things About Having 0 Kids

By Abby Gardner


Not that it’s anyone’s business what you use your womb for, but even if it’s not to carry a baby, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re child-less.

It’s true that I am not the parent of any children, but I’m not totally childless. You see, I’m a PANK to five adorable little boys.


A PANK is defined as a Professional Aunt, No Kids. (Fun fact: The term was first coined by Melanie Notkin of Savvy Auntie.) I’m a proud member of this community of aunties who love to shower their nieces and nephews with love—and gifts. The first time my oldest nephew said the words “Aunt Abby,” I truly thought my heart might burst open and the feeling never goes away. It’s my most treasured title. 

Let’s break down why being a PANK is the absolute best, aside from the fact that you rarely have to change diapers, the floor of your car is Cheerio-free and your version of carpooling involves a rideshare app....

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