The Guncles Say SAVVY AUNTIE is a Joy!

Dear Readers,

While we have yet to meet in person, I'm very proud to say that I've become friendly with the endearing Scout Masterson and Bill Horn, aka The Guncles, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's best friends and their kids, Liam and Stella's, gay uncles (hence Guncles).

Scout and Bill and I "met" when I interviewed them for SavvyAuntie.com last spring. I had just met Tori who was promoting her Oxygen show: Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood in which The Guncles frequently appear, and Tori was literally brought to tears when I asked about the importance of The Guncles in her kids' lives. And I can see why. Scout and Bill are devoted Guncles and have been so incredibly supportive of the McDermott family.

I sent The Guncles a galley copy of my book SAVVY AUNTIE to see how they liked it and the response was:

"A joy to read. Savvy Auntie is a fun, comprehensive guide that no Auntie (of any kind) should be without! We can't wait to buy it for our friends."

It was so important to me that the guys liked my book because they are exemplary uncles and truly understand the role a Savvy Auntie (of any kind) plays in the life of a child she loves.

A few months after our interview, Scout and Bill adopted Simone Lynn at birth (the adoption was finalized just a few days ago!) and I could not be happier for them. Still devoted to Liam and Stella, the Guncles are now the dads they always dreamed they could be. The fact that they took time from their momentous week finalizing Simone's adoption to send me a note about my book (let alone read the book!) just shows how incredibly special they are.

I just adore them!


Auntie Melanie

PS: Tori Spelling is Simone's Godmommy!

(From left, Scout Masterson, baby Simone, Bill Horn. Photo courtesy The Guncles)


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