My Happiness Project

Dear Readers,

Exactly a year ago, I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. As this book about Gretchen's year-long journey to add more happiness to her life was climbing The New York Times Bestsellers list (it made it to #1!) , I was inspired to continue my own happiness project with full gusto.

In 2007, the summer I decided to create the Savvy Auntie brand, I was in my late 30's and frankly not where I wanted to be in life. I wasn't married. I wasn't a mom. I wasn't working. I wasn't happy. But then I realized that happiness is a choice and that when I focused my life on all that I am instead of what I am not, I grew happier. And happier. I'm a Savvy Auntie. I'm an Auntrepreneur. And while I may still not be married, I'm in love with my life and my life choices. I didn't choose the wrong man, after all.

So when I closed the final chapter on Gretchen's inspiring book, I was grateful for even more motivation to add actions to create more happiness in my life. And for that I was grateful.

And then by coincidence, a few months later, we were both invited to the same luncheon. I brought my book and asked Gretchen to autograph it for me. We got to talking.... Then before I knew it, we were chatting over a late lunch about our books... and gratefully, this bestselling author became my friend.

By focusing on a life that would make me happy.... happiness has come into my life.

I asked Gretchen to read a galley of my book, Savvy Auntie, and she generously agreed. Here is her wonderful review:

"Nothing makes people happier than loving relationships -- and in this marvelous celebration of Savvy Aunties' love for their nieces and nephews, Melanie Notkin shines a much-needed spotlight on a bond that brings so much happiness to so many people."

Gretchen also shared some private enthusiasm for my book which I will keep between us, but suffice it to say, I'm honored that another #1 New York Times Bestselling author should have such high praise for my book.

Gretchen shared her Happiness Project with me, and on April 26, I will share mine with you...


Auntie Melanie

4 COMMENTS ON THIS POST To “My Happiness Project”

  1. Annabel February 1, 2011 at 8:23 am

    good on you. I recently read The Hapiiness Project and am inspired by it. Don’t know what mine will look like but it’s fantastic that yours turned into something so real. what a great idea for a book too. I think being an auntie is a wonderful role. so much pleasure without any of the pain.

  2. JenniferP February 1, 2011 at 8:34 am

    I read the Happiness Project too! In fact that site led me to your site!
    Because of the Happiness Project, I read the book 168 hours – in that you have to write a list of 100 dreams you want to fulfil in your life and one of my 100 was being a good auntie to my friends’ children. Like you, I’ve no kids and haven’t met Mr Right yet. I’m 41 so I think the chances of me becoming a mum are slim but I love your idea of being a fantastic auntie!
    Good luck with the book! x

  3. Anonymous February 2, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    @JenniferP Thank you very much. In fact, I’m 41 too! I love that one of your dreams is to a good Auntie by Choice to your friends’ children! How inspiring!

    @Annabel Thank you so much! It’s not just a book – it’s a website (http://savvyauntie.com) and a large movement (34,000 today!) on Facebook too (http://facebook.com/savvyauntie) Join the Auntourage there!

    XO Auntie Melanie

  4. Sarawieck February 13, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    What a sweet letter, and an even sweeter concept! It is easy for me to focus my attention on the happiness in my life – often enhanced by the relationships in my life. I have a kaleidoscope of beautiful relationships.
    Thank you for the reminder to be grateful for my aunts and my nieces and nephews! I truly am grateful and celebrate that fact. Looking forward to reading your book!


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