• August 2, 2014
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Womanhood Redefined: Melanie Notkin Partners with Westin New York Grand Central on Package for the Otherhood

Best-selling author, Melanie Notkin, has partnered with Westin Grand Central NY on an exclusive hotel package for women of the Otherhood entitled: Womanhood Redefined.

From the Westin New York Grand Central Website:

The three-night Womanhood Redefined Package includes a copy of Melanie’s memoir, Otherhood, and signature Westin amenities designed to promote well-being. With this exclusive New York City hotel package, you can also enjoy a personal consultation with our Executive Chef Brian Wieler, who can share insights about everything from incorporating healthy superfoods into your daily routine to growing your very own home garden.

The historic hotel package appeared on the front page of The New York Times Travel Section on Aug. 2, 2014: Zeroing In on the Female Traveler

Seemingly the first promotion from a major American hotel brand directed at women without children, it includes (from $234 a night) a consultation about healthful eating with the hotel’s executive chef, a 30-minute meeting with the hotel’s running expert (and workout clothes and shoes that they may borrow free of charge), a $25 food and drink credit, a 10 percent discount on classes at a nearby yoga studio, a Westin White Tea candle and a new book, “Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness,” by Melanie Notkin. Ms. Notkin has received a good deal of media attention in recent years thanks to her focus on women without children and her involvement with marketing reports about their potential spending power....

...On the eve of Mother’s Day, Ms. Notkin wrote in The Huffington Post that the reference to “other” in her book is not meant to be alienating: “While the title of my book, ‘Otherhood,’ implies childless women are other to mother, the reader learns the truth: If we measure our lives against what the Others believe to be our life’s true meaning ... we will never find happiness because we will not be living our true, authentic lives.” At the end of “Otherhood,” she concludes: “Once we no longer define ourselves as the Other, as outside of the social norm, we are no longer concerned with how others define us.”

People can join the conversation about this Westin New York Grand Central package deal, which includes a copy of Notkin's memoir, on Twitter with #RedefiningMoments.



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