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Euromonitor International named Melanie Notkin, her Savvy Auntie brand and PANK (Professional Aunts No Kids) market in its "Top 10 Global Consumer Trends for 2016." It's no surprise; women are marrying and/or having children later than ever before, if at all. Yet, marketers have been overlooking this growing market of influential, well-educated and higher HHI consumers.

Notkin will introduce the new marketing frontier and her acclaimed studies: "The Power of the PANK" and "Shades of Otherhood," offering additional qualitative insights gathered from women she interviewed for her bestselling books and studied through her popular digital networks.

Marketers looking to expand their reach beyond moms will discover over 20 million consumers ready to engage with them. Notkin will show them how.


Melanie Notkin Keynote Speaker  

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To request Melanie Notkin to speak at your next event, contact her directly at Bookings@MelanieNotkin.com 



TEDx Bergen Community College, March 7, 2017 - Welcome to the Otherhood




Testimonial: We recently invited Melanie to speak at our Amplify Your Brand Weekend Workshop on February 27th and 28th at WIX Lounge. We decided to end a very long day for our attendees with a inspirational talk from Melanie about her journey from the initial risk of starting her own brand to becoming a two-time best selling author. I knew personally that Melanie was a great speaker that could help motivate our audience of small business owners all striving for similar accomplishments. Her 30-minute talk was beyond what we could have asked for since it not only encouraged the audience to not except failure as an option, but she delved into real-life experiences to share what has worked for her and what didn't in growing her brand. Not many people are comfortable with sharing those adversities, but Melanie was able to inspire those to never give up and continue on your path no matter where that may pivot to. It left all of us speechless and a few of us with some tears. Certainly a "mic drop" to end the day. I highly recommend Melanie for any workshops, educational seminars or conferences as she'll certainly add a dimension of motivation like no other. - Janine Just and Sabina Hitchen, event organizers.



The Non-Mom Summit 2015
October 8-11 2015
The Downtown Marriott at Key Center, Clevelend, OH

Keynote Speaker, Friday, Oct 9, LUNCH 12:15 - 2:00







Testimonial: Melanie was the #1 person included in my vision of The NotMom® Summit, the first-ever international conference for and about women without children by choice or by chance. She served as our luncheon keynote speaker at the inaugural 2015 event and received a well-earned standing ovation.

For this audience of more than 100 women from five countries, her earnest, informative sharing of lessons learned as a never-married woman who once dreamed of motherhood and still dreams of finding a life-partner resonated long after she left the stage.

Melanie was welcoming to attendees and generous with her time before and after her presentation, posing for their photos and listening to their stories. I enthusiastically recommend her as a speaker, especially for women’s groups looking for an “I’ve-been-there” voice.

Karen Malone Wright - Administrator, The NotMom Summit & Executive Editor, The NotMom.com


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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
7:00 PM

Book Culture on Columbus
Melanie Notkin on Otherhood
Interviewed by Dr. Janet Tayler


Melanie Notkin Smith College Oct 2014

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
Smith College Club
Otherhood, an interview with national bestselling author, Melanie Notkin, by Dr. Patricia Tidwell, PhD, LCSW

Melanie!! What a fabulous event last night! Thank you SO much. I am so impressed with your warmth, wisdom, humor, courage, and sparkle. Keep shining your light, Vanessa


 Melanie Notkin and Adrianna Guiliani at DeVries PopUp Cincinnati July 17 2014DeVries Global PR Pop Up in Cincinnati
Thursday, July 17, 2014
DeVries Pop Up: Dialogue and creative sessions for P&G in many consumer product categories, and other clients.

Conversation with DeVries Global PR,  Managing Director, Adrianna Giuliani Bevilaqua, on the Shades of Otherhood national research study by DeVries Global PR and inspired by Melanie Notkin's book: Otherhood: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness.








Melanie Notkin at Consumer Reports_Jeremy Goldman pic_2B_July 16 2014

Consumer Reports
Wednesday, July 16, 2014
Speaker Insights Series

The New Female Consumer
Melanie will demonstrate how she uncovered a 23MM woman-large, $9 billion influential market niche through her own experience as a childless aunt – and marketer – and how decided to design a multiplatform lifestyle brand called SAVVY AUNTIE that connects and engages this demographic through digital and social platforms, plus a book and appearances, and Auntie’s Day – a day just for them. She will drill down on the market niche she dubbed “PANKs,” or Professional Aunts No Kids, in 2008.

Melanie is also the author of a second book, entitled: Otherhood, Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness, inspired by her life and the lives of millions of women who expected love, marriage and motherhood but remain single and childless as their fertile years wane. Shades of Otherhood, a national research study she worked on with DeVries Global PR, is the niche of 19 million non-moms ages 20-44 out-buying moms in key consumer product and service categories, turning marketing strategies on their heads. Melanie will share top-line insights from the study released last month.


New York University
Guest Speaker: Media Relations, Past and Future
July 16, 2014



NDA Protected Client
Thursday, July 10, 2014
One hour live speech on the Otherhood demographic and the Truth About Childless Women to a group of PR and marketing professionals and their client, one of the largest global companies.


Friday Night, May 30, 2014
JICNY Connections Shabbat dinner
We will share a warm, beautiful Shabbat together with delicious food, great wine and nice company.

Melanie takes a hard topic and delivers it with humor and sensitivity engaging everyone including the men in the audience. A combination of eloquence, sincerity and empathy makes Melanie stand out as a speaker. -  Jodi Samuels Founder JICNY


Thursday, May 15, 2014
92nd Street Y, Daytime Talk Series:
Melanie Notkin and Otherhood
Melanie Notkin 92Y May 2014


Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Modern Family: Melanie Notkin on the rising PANK Professional Aunts No Kids demographic.

Melanie Notkin at STYLUS UK: PANKs Part 1

Melanie Notkin at STYLUS UK: PANKs Part 2

...you are a very passionate and well informed speaker with an innovative concept. You have challenged the thinking of our clients and that's such an important element of what we do." - Smiljka Dimitrijevic, Head of Marketing and Events, STYLUS UK

Remarks from the participants at the Modern Family Stylus Innovation Forum

  • I think the PANK and the 21st Cetury dads is very relevant to our company I found this very useful.

  • Melanie was an extremely dynamic speaker.

  • Enjoyed the PANK category.. we always focus on mom.. liked the fresh idea.

  • I had no knowledge of "PANKs" and loved hearing about this new phenomena since satellite family members are being so prominent.


DeVries Global PR
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Shades of Otherhood: Panel Discussion

DeVries released a white paper, hosted a panel discussion with influencers Melanie Notkin, author; Michael L. DeCicco, Senior Director of Research & Analytics at DeVries Global; Hannah Seligson, regular contributor to The New York Times; Rebecca Eisenberg, Deputy Editor of Upworthy; and Dr. Janet Taylor, a leading community psychiatrist; and shared digital content that reveal insights on this influential group of women and how marketers can talk to them in a way that matters.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Barnes and Noble, New York City
Melanie Notkin Presents OTHERHOOD: Modern Women Finding a New Kind of Happiness

Melanie Notkin at Barnes and Noble UWS, NYC




Fertility Planit_January 2013_Melanie Notkin_modertator

Watch Melanie Notkin moderate this panel at Fertility Planit, January 2013

Click to watch Melanie Notkin moderate "Letting Go of Having Genetic Offspring" at Fertility Planit Conference, January 2013, Los Angeles, California


“Melanie Notkin is a powerhouse of information and energy and was a true highlight in our 2012 PlayCon program. She is an engaging, spirited and genuine speaker. Her knowledge and passion about the business of social media was expertly intertwined with observations and insights about kids, families and Generation Xers … and their connections with the toy, game and play-related industries. She really connected with our group and was a fantastic addition to the curriculum and conference experience!” - Kimberly Carcone,  Director, Trade Show and Event Marketing,  Toy Industry Association

“Melanie captivated my audience with her story of turning a concept into cash—and wowed us with her stunning heels!  She’s not only a savvy auntie; she’s a super savvy speaker and business owner.  Loved having her at Spark & Hustle.” -Tory Johnson — founder of Spark & Hustle

“Melanie Notkin spoke at Mashable’s NextUp NYC speakers’ series. She captivated the audience with her unique story, glowing personality and industry perspective.”- Adam Hirsch, COO, Mashable

“Melanie Notkin spoke at my “Audience Conference”. She was smart, witty and insightful. The audience loved her. Her unique blend of online and real world experience gives her a fresh point of view. She is one of the leading female voices online.” – Loren Feldman, Founder,  Audience Conference

Melanie Notkin has presented at these fine conferences:

Fertility Planit Show in Los AMelanie Notkin_Spark and Hustle_March 2011ngeles, CA January 12-13, 2013

Toy Industry Association PlayCon Fly In DC 2012

Spark and Hustle New York City March 2011

Internet is People: Women in Entrepreneurship: 92Y Tribeca, New York, NY

The Audience Conference: New York

Social Media Week: Social Media Breakfast: Roger Smith Hotel, New York, NY

Mashable NXT Up: Lessons from the Internet Start Up Community, 92Y Tribeca, New York, NY

Next Web: Web 2.0 Meetup: Webster Hall, New York, NY

The Associated: Baltimore, MD

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