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OnMogul: Ask a Mogul Anything

OnMogul: Ask a Mogul Anything

Melanie Notkin was asked to be a Mogul mentor in September, 2016, to help guide women (and men) around the world on how she started her business, and about life in the Otherhood, through a real-time h...Read More »
I, aunt, I love like a mother

I, aunt, I love like a mother

[Chrome Translate] The United World Aunt Day was celebrated in the United States. But does our society really recognize its role? Often the aunts without their children love those of the brothers o...Read More »
Mother’s Day Special!

Mother’s Day Special!

Melanie Notkin made a guest appearance on Broadscast podcast with hosts Kim Goldman and Jackie MacDougall . Listen in (Melanie appears at about minute :49.) Hear Melanie's response here.Read More »
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